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Creating a solid framework for our design methods, Designio has a standing maintenance division that constantly ensures that all of our projects are well looked after and are always at the topmost quality.

We believe in perfecting every aspect of our work and that is why we commit our team to provide a well rounded service that is efficient, high quality and affordable.

Geared with all the right tools, equipment and the problem-solving intuition of our people, we deliver our services to our clients at their convenience,




Designio is all about versatility and so we provide our clients with a wide range of services

to help our clients be more specific with the features they want to design, repair, renovate and improve.

Its all about adding creativity with great handywork

Get it fixed

Handyman services

Painting, wall decoration and color repair

A/C Maintenance

Electrical setup and fault repair


Window installation

Glass work

Pool repair and maintenance

All indoor and outdoor repair and maintenance

Install that Wallpaper

We make it our way to be hands on dynamic in handling every single detail we have on each project.


Heating and Ventilation systems

Plumbing and Pipework

Wall partitioning

Kitchen Installation

Electrical Fit-out

Floor Lamination

Suspended ceilings

Wallpaper Installation

Sanitary ware


Ideas that we build

Set up a lavishly made office, a warm comfortable home space or a hotel suite to die for with unmatched interior decorations and space improvements all created the way you wanted it to be.

Concept and design of Interior spaces

Expansion, Space distribution and function

Space and area lighting

Complete and Partial furnishings

Additional visual and design details

Build it up

With our reputation and flair for craftsmanship, Designio has transformed numerous properties into beautiful design pieces, complete with full service maintenance, repair, exterior and interior construction and enhancements.

Marble work

Plumbing work

Electrical work


Suspended ceilings

Carpentry services

Shop construction


Landscape design

Fountain work indoor and outdoor

What we've made


Villas in Emirates Hills area & jumeirah,


Office design projects and fit outs


Business offices and retail chains


Villas in Palm Jumeirah & pent houses

Our working processin 3 steps

We're very meticulous with the way we work and the way we handle things.

Planning & Strategy

From concept to completion, we make sure everything is well organized and things go according to plan.

Design & Develop

We take into measure the space, budget as well as the aesthetic values our clients wish to put into effect.

Build and Deliver

Installations, construction, fit-outs and repair. We make sure the job is done the way its designed to be.